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                  HET01-R Digital Timer Single Pole Neutral Wire Required

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                  HET01-R Digital Timer Single Pole Neutral Wire Required

                  7-day Heavy Duty Digital In-wall Timer

                  Single Pole, Relay Control, 
                  Neutral Wire Required
                  120VAC, 60Hz

                  Resistive Rating: 15Amp, 1800Watts
                  Tungsten Rating: 1200Watts
                  Motor Load: 1/2HP

                  - Automatic or manual operation
                  - Push the MAN button to switch On/Off at any time
                  - Program up to 18 On/Off settings per week
                  - It can be set as a clock
                  - With random feature (RND)
                  - With daylight saving time feature (DST)
                  - Can delete and recover any program (RCL)
                  - Large and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
                  - Standard decorator style wall plate included
                  - Built-in memory holds settings indefinitely without power
                  - Includes wall plate
                  - Three years warranty

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