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                    Home>>Products List >>Products Category >>USB Charger Receptacles 4.0 A

                  DWUR-15 15A Duplex TR Receptacle Dual USB Charger Output 4.0A

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                  DWUR-15 15A Duplex TR Receptacle Dual USB Charger Output 4.0A

                  Tamper Resistant Receptacle with 2 USB Ports

                  Dual USB Charger with
                  15A Duplex Tamper
                  Resistant Receptacle

                  Voltage: 125VAC, 60Hz
                  Max load: 15A
                  Output: 5VDC 4.0A

                  - Smart chip recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements of both of Apple and Android devices
                  - USB charger conforms to UL Energy Efficiency Certification requirement - Level VI
                  - 2 USB charging ports with a total output of 4.0 A
                  - Tamper Resistant (TR) Receptacles increase safety
                  - Charge electronic devices directly without an adapter
                  - Back and side wiring for easy installation
                  - Compliance with the NEC Section 406.11 code requirements
                  - Wall plate included (8831)
                  - Fits into a standard wall box

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