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                  DWOS PIR Sensor Single Pole Neutral Wire Required

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                  DWOS PIR Sensor Single Pole Neutral Wire Required

                  Decorator Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors (2 in 1)

                  Single Pole,
                  Decorator Wall Switch 
                  PIR Occupancy Sensor
                  Neutral Wire Required

                  Incandescent:  800W @ 120VAC
                  Fluorescent: 800VA @ 120VAC
                  Motor: 1/4HP @ 120VAC
                  LED: 100W

                  - Turn lights On/Off automatically
                  - Provides built-in On/Off pushbutton
                  - Work modes: OFF, VAC and OCC
                  VAC: manual ON/ auto OFF; OCC: auto ON/ auto OFF
                  - Time delay Off setting is adjustable from 15 seconds to 30 minutes
                  - Compatible with all kinds of load including electronic ballast
                  - Manual adjustable ambient light level prevents load from turning ON automatically during periods
                  of ample natural light
                  - Single Pole feed & Single output
                  - Zero crossing function
                  - Adjustable sensitivity settings
                  - Installation height: 4 ft
                  - Includes wall plate (Part No. 8831)
                  - Conforms to California Title 24 Requirements
                  - Three years warranty

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